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Design the Sustainable Future

Nature Inspires Science; We Are Inspired by You!

Applications for the Design Sustainable Future Competition between universities started!


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About the Competition

We believe a sustainable future can only be achieved through collaboration with future generations.


This year marks the ninth edition of the 'Design the Sustainable Future' competition. Our goal is to collaborate with university students, who represent the professionals of the future, to generate sustainable ideas that will shape the future.



Our objectives are:

  • To foster the culture of 'sustainability' among university students, ensuring that future generations inhabit healthier and environmentally friendly buildings.
  • To correctly identify project requirements for waste reduction and standardize techniques and methods.
  • To facilitate collaboration among students from various departments, encouraging teamwork and idea sharing.
  • To raise awareness about R&D projects related to innovation, sustainable technologies, lean construction, and green systems.
  • To develop alternative solutions to global issues, such as the climate crisis, by fostering different perspectives.